About Us

Neil Partridge - SEO Consultant

I am Neil Partridge, the founder/creator of Digital Partridge, an SEO Consultancy based in Canterbury, Kent.
For several years I worked in I.T. as a software developer in various sectors (insurance, retail, publishing, motor, and leisure), working on websites and web applications throughout my career.

Where did my passion for SEO begin?

I first encountered SEO many years ago when working freelance for an online radio station. The client had no digital presence. Working with the client, we established a digital strategy. The station was a success and was eventually sold to a digital media company.

SEO was significantly different then to what it is today. It has never been a more exciting time to be involved in SEO.

Neil Partridge SEO Consultant founder of Digital Partridge

When was Digital Partridge founded?

In November 2022, I decided to follow my passion for SEO after Covid enabled me to finally create the perfect work-life balance I had been looking for.

Digital Partridge was born in December 2022. I say born rather than founded as I have always been fascinated by the storytelling element of life. Here at Digital Partridge, I believe stories and life journeys are all part of SEO.

Why the name Digital Partridge?

I chose the name, Digital Partridge, with a logo of the partridge bird to incorporate the family name. The family has always been important to me. I have always found nature and being around nature nurturing to mind, body, and soul. I wanted the brand to encompass this.

The future of Digital Partridge

I am more than happy for the business to grow organically. I have goals and ambitions and would eventually like Digital Partridge to grow into an SEO Agency with several employees.

Let the journey begin.

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Our Core Values


We take a laymen's approach to SEO by communicating in a non-technical, friendly, and professional manner.


Outline a clear path with you to ensure your digital goals are understood and achieved.


Offering post-implementation support and expertise when you need it.