On-Page SEO

Multiple devices illustrating importance of On-Page SEO content.

On-Page SEO deals with content optimization focusing on relevant keywords, readability, Meta tags, internal linking, breadcrumbs, image, and video optimization.


Before you can optimise your website, you need to know what you’re optimising for and those are keywords. It is important to understand what words, or phrases that users are typing or speaking into today’s search engines. Digital Partridge will work with you to build a keyword strategy document.


These are factors that influence readability:
  • Clear headings and subheadings
  • Breaking up the body text into paragraphs
  • Using bullet points where necessary
  • Good use of white space
  • Internal linking

Meta Tags

This includes tags such as meta descriptions. The meta description is an HTML element that provides a summary of a web page. The meta description is displayed as part of the search snippet in a search engine results page. This provides the user information on the content that exists within the web page itself.

Internal Linking

These can be broken down into navigational and contextual links. Internal links help Google find, index, and understand the pages on your website. Google Search Console has a handy feature called links which allows you to see how your websites internal links are setup.

Image Optimisation

Is the process of adjusting high-quality web images to use the appropriate format, dimension and resolution whilst keeping the files as small as possible. Optimizing images can improve a websites performance.

Video Optimisation

Video content on a website is a great way to keep users engaged.
There are several steps that can be taken for video optimisation before adding video to your website.
  1. Use of data compression tools
  2. Convert to HTML5 supported format.
  3. Use a content delivery network.
Digital Partridge will work alongside you to ensure your new or existing web site’s content is fully optimised for search engines. Our SEO review of your website will highlight any content optimisation that needs to be performed.

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